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Once you get into the bot army harvesting of you might be doing like me and end up completely filling up your screen with bot army's after a few days.

Eventually, you might feel like you have enough armies

And as the armies begin to acquire more than 100 000 $FREE you begin to consider what to do wit the extra $FREE. One thing you can do is of course to put it into liquidity, but if you want to use to increase your chances of winning $FMN without creating a new army there is actually a way.

The tough part is actually finding the bots (not the…

Filling up the blocks — a dilemma for proof of stake platforms

Is there “work” to do also in Proof of Stake networks?
Is there “work” to do also in Proof of Stake networks?

I don’t know how many times I’ve read about PoW (Proof of Work — BTC and ETH) systems use of huge energy and how PoS (Proof of Stake) systems solves this problem and is able to add the much necessary capacity of huge transaction loads.

But so far PoS systems haven’t had much success even though it has all the advantages and is much more useful due to cost efficiency. So what’s holding it back? I mostly see two reasons that nobody ever talks about.

  1. The major thing…

Bitcoin exists in many, many different formats these days.

Once upon a time there was only Bitcoin on the Bitcoin network, and then came forks of it calling themselves something similar, but it wasn’t quite the same.

Then came things like WBTC, that everyone seemed to be super critical about, claiming it wasn’t the same as the real thing.

Then came a bunch of different formats like renBTC and anyBTC and lots of similar things, which was backed by BTC 1:1 in a decentralized way. This really didn’t catch on as much as I thought it would, to be honest.

Then came a bunch of pegged formats like BTCB…

Today I’m bottling the Fusion Mead, that I previously showcased the labels for. There is a cryptographic element to this mead, but let’s introduce the mead first.

The first bottle of Fusion Mead

As the name hints it’s a “Fusion of Meads”. you could say it’s a mixture of two, but those two are in some ways also mixtures.

Mead 1 - which is around 75% of the content (of Fusion Mead) is a mead previously sold as “Branden på Orten” (specifically the batch from 2017). It’s a super sweet mead (almost no water 2/3 of the content is honey) that also won the Mazer Cup…

Perhaps one of the biggest challenges for crypto-assets today is the simplistic approach with which they are analyzed. They’re lumped together in a big list and ranked according to their coin market cap with every coin striving to be in the top 100.

While I think this may have been a good approach in the infancy of crypto, to better grasp true value and size of cryptos, I think we’ve reached a stage where there exists so many different crypto assets that one site maintainer or organization can’t really keep up with all of it. …

To install your own wallet, 1, select the “More” icon and 2. Go to account type.

Alright, so the Chainge App is finally live and in testing. So it’s time to share some first impressions of what Chainge really is and how it works and what you should think about when testing it.

First of all, it’s currently only available on Android in an installation made with an .apk file downloaded from the Chainge website. In order to install it you need an Android device running in dev mode, with 0 security. So use an old, device or a new device you specifically attained for testing. Personally I got myself a Chrome OS tablet and had…

Though $FSN will likely always be my main holding with all the potential there yet to be unleashed (especially now when Finance.Chainge is about to be rolled out), I do think it is a good idea to look at other projects and invest in small amounts in something else if you see value there.

Something that interests me is good tokenomics, and the question of whether tokenomics alone can yield success without any distinct use-case. In general I’d say that most of crypto really has failed at adoption, but still managed to gain massive value, sometimes for inexplicable reasons.


My original promise in the 500+ follower competition.
The method with which the winner was to collect the funds.

Since April 7, I’ve had a dilemma I wasn’t sure on how to best handle, but I now think I’ve come up with a solution that’s fair, good and honorable.

The dilemma is that in a contest I freely gave away 0,05 FUSE, which is no insignificant amount of money and to be honest I was a bit afraid it would just get dumped.

Luckily the winner was a highly engaged Fusionite (however, he also somehow failed to actually claim the…

One thing Fusionites have wondered for a long time, is if Fusion Foundation will ever capitalize on their technology through the licensing model. Where a license to use technology can be retained in exchange for use of the technology. I think there will come such a time, but it’s not soon. As most have already heard the European Central Bank have mentioned Fusion technology in a recent report. But why have they done this?

This story is about events that won’t happen in the near future. But, instead, 3–5 years in the future when many central banks are probably ready…

One of the toughest things about cryptocurrencies, is how to evaluate them — how do you know if a currency is undervalued, or overvalued — or is it always just right?

These questions can not be answered in any definite way, and the ways in which you can make evaluations are many. What we can say is that every currency has its value because other types of money is backing that money in various liquidity systems. So the value is always backed, but how solid the liquidity backing of this value is, can vary a lot. Here, factors such as…

Individual Pirate

IndividualPirate became interested in the Fusion Blockchain around the time it launched mainnet. Deeply interested in governance and liquidity.

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