Individual Pirate

Once you get into the bot army harvesting of you might be doing like me and end up completely filling up your screen with bot army's after a few days.

Eventually, you might feel like you have enough armies

And as the armies begin to acquire more than 100 000 $FREE you begin to consider what to do…

Filling up the blocks — a dilemma for proof of stake platforms

Is there “work” to do also in Proof of Stake networks?
Is there “work” to do also in Proof of Stake networks?

I don’t know how many times I’ve read about PoW (Proof of Work — BTC and ETH) systems use of huge energy and how PoS (Proof of Stake) systems solves this problem and is able to add the…

Today I’m bottling the Fusion Mead, that I previously showcased the labels for. There is a cryptographic element to this mead, but let’s introduce the mead first.

The first bottle of Fusion Mead

As the name hints it’s a “Fusion of Meads”. …

To install your own wallet, 1, select the “More” icon and 2. Go to account type.

Alright, so the Chainge App is finally live and in testing. So it’s time to share some first impressions of what Chainge really is and how it works and what you should think about when testing it.

First of all, it’s currently only available on Android in an installation made…

My original promise in the 500+ follower competition.
The method with which the winner was to collect the funds.

Since April 7, I’ve had a dilemma I wasn’t sure on how to best handle, but I now think I’ve come up with a solution that’s fair, good and honorable.


Individual Pirate

IndividualPirate became interested in the Fusion Blockchain around the time it launched mainnet. Deeply interested in governance and liquidity.

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