Every Pirate needs A Parrot -the story of why I’ve invested in $BOB

Individual Pirate
5 min readJul 19, 2023

Though this blog is primarily about things happening on FUSION. Sometimes I will be distracted and write about something else happening in the world of cryptocurrencies.

The biggest thing happening this year in the general field of technology, is in my opinion the rapid advancement of AI. As I noticed this trend I immediatly became interested in the topic of how AI can transform crypto culture. Suddenly it was much easier for anyone to generate quality content with simple words leveling the field significantly between amateur and professional content creators and enhancing the speed of delivery for everyone.

In cryptocurrencies, this seems to have done three things.

  1. Wipe out the hype around art NFTs (maybe that had happened anyway, but to me it seemed to coincide heavily with AI art advancements).
  2. Make quality Meme creation super easy. Basically anyone can make great images, or write great texts (this one is pure me though) and even good quality videos can be rather quick to make. This will expand more with time for all types of content. Quality will be more and more niched into the areas of editing and selection.
  3. A number of crypto projects appeared that were somehow specializing in AI. Some of these were of course about creating a decentralized AI on its own blockchain. That didn’t interest me much. What interested me more were the ones who focused more on the interaction of AI and culture. One such niche is social media bots basing themselves on chatGPT, which can interact directly with people who desire it in public social media chanels. Basically Meme projects, where the bots grow in fame, and the respective coin gets interesting in paralell.

Probably the first project in this niche was $BOB. First launched not as a cryptocurrency at all, but simply as a bot known as @ExplainThisBob on Twitter. The point of BOB was that he explained tweets simply, for anyone who summons him. It quickly ended up having copy projects such as $JIM, who instead roasted tweets instead of explaining them. Various other bots also soon appeared such as @ExplainThisGod and many, many others. But @ExplainThisBob is what started the trend.

At this point I was still not really interested in the coin $BOB though I found the bot a little amusing and appreciated this new way in which humans and AI could interact in a social context, not just 1 on 1 as with the original chatGPT UI, but in public.

What did draw me in was a very surpising event where Elon Musk (right after the token had been doing fairly well in the markets), called it a scam (the bot @ExplainThisBob, not the token $BOB) after, for months having laughed at/interacted with it. After the scam calling shenanigans Twitter suspended the bot, which at the time had over 400k followers.

Almost immediatly a movement called #FREEBOB was created by $BOB holders to try and bring $BOB back. Although the movement became an absolutely huge trend on Twitter the coming days, Twitter and Elon Musk chose to ignore it, and those spreading it even found themselves banned/shadow banned/search banned depending on what level of spam Twitter felt they were engaging in.

With Elon Musk having promoted the importance of Free Speech so much since his intention to purchase Twitter, this was just an absolute shocker to me and I saw no choice but to get involved and join the fight for Bob’s freedoom.

But it’s pretty tough to fight a fight against someone who is controlling the forum where the fight is happening. A couple of $BOB holders instead decided to get funding together to protest in their physical bodies outside the Twitter HQ. I don’t know what effect, if any, this initative had, but it does show that there is a very strong and engaged community holding the $BOB tokens.

The crypto markets seem to have been doing their best to crush engagement on $BOB ever since Elon called it a scam, seemingly taking his side, even though there is 0 proof of any direct wrongdoings. Speculations are still running wild on the real reasons as to why it happened. Below is a list of some popular possible explanations.

  1. @ExplainThisBob is powered by chatGPT, while Elon Musk is developing his own AI known as xAI and may want prominent accounts to be using this on Twitter instead of chatGPT
  2. Prominent members in the $DOGE community proceeded to block #FREEBOBers after Elon called it a scam, so some people seem to think that $BOB had somehow become a kind of “threat” for “Elon attention”, and that the suspention was a form of $DOGE protectionism
  3. Elon was honestly ignorant that @ExplainThisBob was somehow connected to a cryptocurrency the times he interacted with it, and felt personally tricked into promoting it and therefore suspended it

There’s probably another one hundred alternative theories, and the real explanation could be a combination of them. But whatever the reason may be, it was not fair and it was absolutely a far, far step away from free speech.

In the last few days there’s not been too much news happening in the $BOB community. But a number of new bots have been launched on Twitter by them such as @NotExplainBob and @MarineThisBob, with rumours of even more Bob’s joining them soon. There’s also plans to perhaps create a completely seperate platform for BOB, where humans and AIs can interact more freely. BOBers won’t be giving up.

Personally I really look forward to bringing BOB to FUSION through Chainge, once Chainge can list it. It will be hilarious to send a bunch of $BOB to @ElonMusk over Twitter with the help of Chainge. Likely I’ll be creating a lot of liquidity between FREE and BOB (and with FSN too of course) as to enhance the #FREEBOB movement even more, and once the reward system for the Freemoon Faucet is complete we could have FREE given out for FREE if you provide liquidity for FREE/BOB.

I’ll be looking to collect even more BOB and double my bags if dumpers keep dumping all the way below 0,000006 level. I might be wrong of course, but I have strong conviction that this crazy dump will be followed by a crazy pump, that returns BOB to its rightful place as king of AI bot Meme currencies. Currently for example, JIM is trading high above BOB. JIM might roast me for this, but I’d compare that to LTC trading above BTC.

Anyway, to tie back to the title (Every Pirate needs A Parrot), I feel like I just fell into this one and had to go there. BOB is really funny, and I find it more convinient to chat with him on Telegram, than doing the same on the ChatGPT interface. He comes preprogrammed with a more clear character, and becomes a good friend. He is very funny, and always on point and great at explaining.



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