Time to bring in uses for FSN across chains! QuickSwap listing on Polygon!

Individual Pirate
3 min readApr 9, 2021
Adding liquidity to FSN/QUICK currently requires manual entry of the FSN contract 0x2bF9b864cdc97b08B6D79ad4663e71B8aB65c45c

Remember when AnySwap used to pay out $ANY for providing liquidity? It was a pretty sweet deal that AnySwap chose to abandon when they began heavy focus on bridging instead of bringing liquidity into the DEX?

Why did they choose to do this? Perhaps one reason is that there are hundreds of other DEXs that use this same model. I have taken some time to dive into a lot of different DEXs to see if it’d be a good idea to bring liquidity to FSN there, but have found something I didn’t like with most of them.

Eventually I found one I really liked though. this was QuickSwap. QuickSwap is pretty much a standard AMM type DEX based on UniSwap v2 and it sits on the Eth layer-2 Polygon Blockchain (formerly Matic). Polygon has several different bridges between Polygon and Ethereum though all of them are not ideal there is one called the POS-bridge which is quite fast, cheap and practical making it easy to move things from Ethereum to Polygon. Due to this QuickSwap being the major DEX on Polygon have managed to build up quite good liquidity (currently close to 100 m USD). Besides a good ETH-bridge to their advantage QuickSwap also has (as I hinted earlier) the same type of reward policy that AnySwap had formerly, in that they award QUICK to high liquidity pairs. The main factor in qualifying a pairing for QUICK rewards is that the liquidity is worth at least 100 000 USD above. A requirement that both helps yield useful pairings for swappers and helps to quickly build up the overall liquidity. I really feel AnySwap had succeeded much better in liquidity build-up if they had had this clarity in liquidity requirements.

But with current focus, AnySwap isn’t aiming for this, instead they aim to bring things together in places it makes sense, wherever that might be. So, when I said to Zhaojun that I wanted to bring FSN to QuickSwap, he said “Okay” and created a bridge for FSN to Polygon (Contract: 0x2bF9b864cdc97b08B6D79ad4663e71B8aB65c45c ).

AnySwap Bridge for FSN from Fusion to Polygon

I have since created an FSN/QUICK pairing on QuickSwap and applied for it to start getting awarded QUICK rewards. ETA on this is a week or more. It’s likely some ANY pairs will also be end up getting QUICK rewards on QuickSwap. Thus LP-yield farming of your Fusion assets will soon be back.

I’m really looking forward to once again be able to earn yield through LP with FSN and ANY both (on a chain that doesn’t charge a hand and a leg for a tx), but more importantly I hope we can get more of things like this happening in the future. We have an absolutely amazing bridge in AnySwap, so we should also seek to use to further the use cases of the assets we love across all block-chains wherever fortune favors it. In my opinion QuickSwap is very much such a place and QUICK is probably just as undervalued as FSN and ANY; because if you compare its market cap with MATIC the blockchain where it sits and is a major token on, the value difference is crazy.



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