Yesterday FUSE achieved it’s first major milestone, official AnySwap listing.

A few days ago FUSE was officially listed on AnySwap and also received recognition on with appropriate logo next to the contract address. These events were a big step in FUSE road to recognition as an official asset. To get here FUSE underwent a community election in AnySwap’s new governance portal where there were no objections to it being listed, though I have to admit that voter participation was much more poor than I had hoped. I hope that with time, more and more people will participate in votes held in this portal as it will be key to the governance of AnySwap. Either way, I’m grateful to see that FUSE is now officially part of AnySwap.

There are however two steps more in FUSE getting established on AnySwap that I hope to see in the near future. This is 1. ANY awarded to LPs of FUSE/FSN. 2. Bot activity in the FUSE/FSN trading pair.

Currently FUSE listing on AnySwap means only one thing: increased visibility and recognition. There is currently no difference in tokenomics or what can be done with it. Only when ANY is awarded LPs of FUSE/FSN does it truly become interesting for FUSE holders to really get involved with providing liquidity, and only once liquidity is decent does it become interesting to deploy trade bots for the pair. It will be interesting to see how this evolves, and I’ll be back with another update when these things are fully implemented.



Individual Pirate

IndividualPirate became interested in the Fusion Blockchain around the time it launched mainnet. Deeply interested in governance and liquidity.